Milestone: Koppenbergcross is the first European cyclocross to give equal prize money, powered by Twenty20 Cycling.

KoppCX LogoKoppenbergcross in Oudenaarde, Belgium sets a new milestone in the history of cyclocross. In cooperation with the American company Twenty20 Cycling Co., Koppenbergcross will be the first European cyclocross race to provide equal prize money for both Elite Men and Women. So far there was a gap of over five thousand euros between the prize scales for men and women in first category races, such as the Koppenbergcross. A gap that the Sint-Pietersvrienden, organizers of the Koppenbergcross, now decided to close.

The winner of the GP Twenty20 Cycling (The new name of our women’s race) on Saturday November 1st 2014 – is no longer rewarded 350 euros, but rather €1,667. Exactly the same as the next winner of our GP Willy Naessens for Elite Men. The same counts for all riders further down the results in both Men and Women’s races. A clear signal with which we hope to help the current growth of the Koppenbergcross and women’s cyclocross in general. Prior to now, the World Championships were the only cyclocross races on European soil to give equal prize money.


British rider Helen Wyman – European Cyclocross Champion, member of the Cyclocross Committee of the International Cycling Federation, triple winner of Koppenbergecross and resident of Oudenaarde – is obviously happy with this step. “In my eyes, this is a huge step. It is a very significant moment for women’s cycling. This allows women to make one step up the ladder towards equality. I spend a lot of my free time trying to advance women’s cyclocross and I hope this will lead to a chain reaction of races who do the same, as I know the support is there from sponsors, supporters and riders. To be a part of this development for the sport is fantastic for me.”

“For the Koppenbergcross to be the first race in Europe to do this is very special.  I love the Koppenbergcross, to me it is the biggest race outside of the World Championships.  It is legendary.  To have an American sponsor back the race shows how significant it is around the world.  I can’t thank Twenty20 Cycling enough on behalf of all of the racers that take part next season.  I’m certainly already looking forward to the GP Twenty20 Cycling and hope to collect another cobble stone in 2014.”

circlelogoKristopher Auer, Owner of Twenty20 Cycling, is proud to connect the name of his company to the women’s race of the Koppenbergcross. Twenty20 Cycling Co. is a small two-store bicycle shop located in Baltimore and Savage, Maryland in the United States,” Auer explained. “One of the things that makes our business unique is how it developed from a cyclocross background. Since before we opened our business I have been supporting the growth of cyclocross in America. I was promoting UCI cyclocross races in Baltimore nearly a decade ago when I met my future business partners and continue to do so today. Growing the sport has always been on our agenda and I’ve always looked to ensure both women and men can race with equal opportunity.”

“There have been a lot of discussions recently about the globalization of the sport, and women’s racing is high on the agenda for change,” Auer went on to add. ”Following discussion with Helen Wyman, a six-time winner in our UCI races in Baltimore, we looked for an opportunity to do our part to help advance these two key areas of change. As a company we are excited to be part of such a prestigious event as the Koppenbergcross. It is an amazing race with its own rich history, tough conditions and a fantastic venue. We are proud to be part of what I believe to be an important, if not historic, moment for women’s cyclocross and women’s cycling in general. The growth of women’s sport is not to be ignored and we are hopeful that support of the Koppenbergcross will send a powerful message in Europe and the United States that the time is now.”

BPost Bank Trophy

More info: The GP Twenty20 Cycling, the Koppenbergcross women’s race on Saturday November 1st 2014, once again will be part of the BPost Bank Trophy, as will the Elite Men’s and U23 races.

For more information, please follow #GPTwenty20.
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Sunday Base Mile Ride

Need help on completing some miles for your Winter Base Mile Challenge? We are proud to bring back our Sunday ride at our Savage Mill location! We plan on heading into western Howard county and parts of Olney before we loop back to the shop. We have provided the shop ride route in two variations. A long ride under 50miles and a suggested shorter 30mi.+ variation for those who want to break off or stay closer to the area. Please read the following rules and guidelines of the ride!

  • It is a self support steady winter base mile group ride avg. of 16-17+ factoring in elevation change
  • Know the route and/or the area. The group will regroup at certain points but ultimately you are responsible for yourself and your whereabouts.
  • If you break off  because of time constraints or otherwise a heads up would be appreciated!
  • Remember to bring all the essentials such as Tools, Tubes, Cash, Phone and your good attitude. It is self support.
  • We leave at  9Am from the Shop Parking lot. The Avg pace is around 16-17+. It will vary in the 20+ mph on flats and 12-13 on steeper climbs.
  • Ride time will vary 3hrs+ for the LONG ride and 2hrs+ for those who opt. for the SHORT ride.
  • Finally, this is NOT a “No Drop” or “Drop-ride.” We strongly discourage hard attacks/surges uphill and heavy tempo in our winter ride  but we plan on holding a consistent and timely pace throughout the whole ride. Please plan accordingly.
  • Also Follow us on Facebook for ride updates about inclement weather or otherwise!
  1. Long Western route  Link
  2. Suggested Shorter Western Rt  link

Hope to see you there!!

For any other questions or concerns call the shop at 410-824-8099 or email Kris Mac at

Winter Strava Challange and Yoga Class!

Twenty20 Cycling Co. Strava Winter Base Mile Challenge

Happy New Year from all of us at Twenty20 Cycling Co. We hope that the 2014 season will be your best season on the bike yet! And to help you with your New Years Resolution and other health related goals for 2014 we came up with a base mile challenge! Starting January 9th we will give you store credit towards our labor department in our Savage Mill location for completing the below criteria. The Challenge Starts January 9th and ends February 9th, so you have a month to log in miles and build up your base for this coming season. We’d like to encourage you to keep  turning those pedals by rewarding  you with credit! So check out the instructions and rules below!

How to Join, earn and redeem:

  1. Get a Strava account and sign up for the club at

  2. Like the Twenty20 Savage Mill Facebook page and share the Facebook post!

  3. Ride your bike, work towards your new years resolution one mile at a time!

  4. You get $2.50 towards the labor and repair department for every 10-miles on Strava redeemable at the Savage Mill location. (IE. 100mi = $25)

  5. Redeem your credit before the end of Feb. 28th at the Savage Mill store.


  • 25mi bonus for every ride starting or ending at the Twenty20 Cycling Savage Mill shop. Make sure to check-in with an employee for the credit!

  • MTB rides count’s as 2x mileage. Rides need to be named with MTB in the title and will be verified by an employee upon redemption.


  • Only redeemable at the Twenty20 Cycling Co. Savage Mill Location.

  • All Credit is towards the Labor department at Twenty20 Cycling Co. in Savage Mill. 10mi=$2.50 Labor Credit + Applicable bonuses

  • All miles must be seen  through the Twenty20 Savage Strava club page starting on Jan 9th.

  • All qualifying miles must be done outside, Sorry trainers don’t count.

  • Strava dopers and cheaters will be disqualified. We’re watching you, always watching…

  • “Miles” Redeemed cannot be transferred to a different individual. Sorry you need to log your own miles.

  • “Check-in Bonus” must be logged and verified at the time by a Twenty20 Employee.

  • Cannot “double check-in” on a bonus, starting and ending counts as one bonus.

  • MTB ride’s must be verified at time of redemption by a working employee
  • Miles will be rounded up at 5-mile intervals. For example 165mi. at the end of three weeks is 170, 164.99 is 160. Squeeze in what you can! Tackle that New Years Resolution!

  • Be safe. Stay warm. Consult our “Winter Riding and Clothing” guide if you need help staying warm.

REMEMBER Strava records data via an GPS enabled cycling computer or thru your Smart phone via the Strava App. You would need at least one to participate!

Yoga Class

To further help with your 2014 health goals, we’re proud to continue offering Yoga Class for cyclist and athletes. We have three classes lined up with the awesome Catherine Baugh of Peak Fit 365. If you signed up for our first class you know how awesome Catherine is and how hard and balanced of a class she instructs. If you haven’t tried yoga or had Catherine as an instructor, your in for a treat. Some would say “I’m not going to lift in the morning before this ever again.”  Please check our previous post here for more info on Catherine as well as critical class info. Don’t forget to email Kris Macalinao ( to sign-up for a spot. Also the details remain the same, $5 to help us cover expense for the class, bring your own towel and yoga mat.

Class dates are as follows!

January 14th

January 28th

February 11th

Hope to see you soon!

Get out there and Ride! Winter Riding and Clothing Guide up on Flickr

Hope everyone is having a good winter season! But don’t forget that even in the colder days you can still ride your bike. Layer up, jump on that saddle, and keep the pedals turning for some of the best riding of the year. And if you haven’t tried riding in the winter or needed an excuses to get new gear but didn’t know what to do, check out our guide on the Flickr link below


Try out some Yoga Classes at Twenty20 Cycling Co. By Peak Fit 365 instuctor Catherine Baugh


Off-season giving you winter blues? Trying to improve your core strength and flexibility for next season? Curious about alternative beneficial sports for cycling and triathlons like Yoga? Check out the details below!

Twenty20 Cycling Co. is proud to present you $5 Yoga classes in a collaboration with Peak Fit 365. They will be taught by their incredible instructor Catherine Baugh. Catherine is a remarkable person inside and out. She is a fitness enthusiast with a gentle heart, and her experience as an educator and trainer allows her to be versatile and accommodating of people at all levels.  Read on below for more of her bio from Peak Fit 365 as well as Details of the December class.

Photo Source”

· Fitness Coach, NASM-CPT
· Registered Yoga Teacher, RYT 200

“With a technical background from her B.S. and M.S. degrees in the engineering field, it’s not surprising that Catherine emphasizes the principles of biomechanics as a means of “engineering bodies” through fitness and yoga.
Originally from Jamaica, Catherine has lived in Trinidad, Tobago and England before making Maryland her home. Recognizing the importance and benefits of a multi-faceted fitness lifestyle, Catherine’s activities are as diverse as her multi-cultural background. She engages in strength training, yoga, swimming, cycling and running, and has done several races varying in distance from 5K to half marathon.
Catherine utilizes Peak Fit 365′s signature Flo-Strength yoga classes which specialize in the development of balance and power as one, embody a well-rounded practice, and are enhanced by playlists of soulful rhythms.
A firm believer in hard work and dedication, Catherine will encourage you to challenge yourself as you find new self-awareness, achieve new fitness heights and “get your strong on.”

Class Details

Please bring your own Towel, appropriate clothing, and Yoga Mat!

Classes will be held at Twenty20 Cycling Co. in Savage Mill, MD

8600 Foundry St.

Savage, MD 20763

Date: NOW DEC.17TH

Time: 7pm-8pm

Cost is $5 to help us bring you these great events!

Sign up by Emailing


Checking in on our Facebook Event Page! (link will be provided soon)



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